Storage of your Precious Metals

Storage of Precious Metals

First and foremost, at no time will we place one single precious metal coin/bar or will we create one Airgead coin within a storage facility that is controlled by a bank or a government. As the number of failed banks and governments around the world grows we feel it would be wise to store only at private secure facilities in countries with stable governments.
Airgead Coin decentralizes both costs and control while your precious metals are merged to an Airgead Coin, we will only store precious metals in countries that share the same values over costs and control.

Will I ever have to pay storage and insurance fees?

  • Airgead Coin will cover the costs of storage and insurance fees through which all your precious metals will be stored.
  • Airgead Coin holders will never see a dilution of their assets through management fees.

This makes Airgead Coin stand above anything that has been done before, we know to place a fee or ad a costs while storing and holding precious metals only leads to a diminishing value of your precious metals year on year and will only discourage the use of purchasing and selling precious metals and destroy any real value as a medium of exchange.

By knowing the costs involved, and keeping them simple, we can grow both the collectable market of precious metals but also to open them up as a medium of exchange used and trusted throughout the world.

Are there any fees while storing your precious metals?

Currently there will be a small fee to withdraw your precious metals and take physical ownership of them. We will work with each storage facility to provide the best price possible for withdrawing your precious metals so it will be cheaper than storing them yourself.
We will not generate 1 cent of profit from this as this is the normal fees that are required by each storage facility we will deal with.

When looking at storage:

When it comes to investments like gold, silver, and other precious metals,the need to store them in secure facilities is vital. We at Airgead coin will deal with only the best and most secure private storage facilities throughout the world. We ensure safety and full insurance for all precious metals in storage.

Offshore Jurisdiction:

Assets will be stored in countries which show strong tendencies towards strict bank privacy. This reduces the risk of a governmental seizure of your precious metals during adverse conditions such as Executive order 6102, signed by FDR in the United States during the 30’s when the hoarding of gold was outlawed.

Social unrest:

Let’s assume a currency collapses, a bank run would ensue… the governments would normally ask banks to close. Your wealth would be protected by private secure facilities and you would be free to access your precious metals in physical form or to trade your Airgead Coin as you would in physical form but without any of the risks involved. E.g Unlike governmental controlled money that can be stopped or become worthless the value in your precious metals will always be exchangeable within Airgead Coin for any goods and services or as an exchangeable value for any other currency.

Secure Storage:

Our policy when dealing with precious metal storage facilities

  • Must provide full insurance for all precious metals held.
  • Testing facilities for use of authenticating precious metals.
  • Full independent auditing allowed to guarantee all precious metals held.
  • Provide segregation of precious metals for true numismatic coins, this will allow for easier access to your coins/bars if you take physical ownership.
  • An option for allowing Airgead Coin holders to collect precious metals held.
  • Allow for Precious Metal holders to send in their coins/bars to store and confirm with Airgead Coin.

Bullion acquisition:

When dealing with bullion purchases we will also work with private storage facilities that arranges for precious metal purchases, they ensure the best prices along with the safety of transport into their facilities.

Countries that we will initially work with

New Zealand

New Zealand provides the distance and security many bullion investors wish for.  It has one of the world’s most stable and sound banking systems. In addition, it is a democratic and politically stable nation, and determines its own foreign policy without any influence from other countries. New Zealand is becoming increasingly appealing to bullion investors, as no country is further away from the world’s troubles spots, and is considered a very safe option for storing precious metals.

They are a country that promotes wealth creation and have little interest in the rest of the world.

Cayman Islands

The Cayman Islands is an excellent jurisdiction for the storage of precious metals. Its proximity to the United States, Canada and Latin America, there are no import or export tariffs on precious metals coming to or leaving the country. Assets in storage are not reportable to any local or foreign government or tax authorities.
Cayman enjoys a modern legal and political system and has a long history of stability


Austria has a strong tradition of bank secrecy. In fact, the Austrian government has been busy fighting the European Union to maintain its strict bank secrecy. Austria is the one country left in the EU that still values bank secrecy and financial privacy.
The only concern with Austria is the current tax on the sales of silver, platinum and palladium. Only gold will be stored in Austria as a high tax will be placed on your precious metals if you take ownership in physical form.


Singapore is the free-trade capital for precious metals and has a solid reputation in terms of property rights protection and ease of doing business.
There is no tax for bullion whatsoever in Singapore. No GST/VAT/Sales tax and no capital gains tax. There are no domestic or international reporting requirements for buying, selling or storing gold in Singapore. No permits are necessary to import or export investment precious metals. The Singaporean government encourages bullion dealers and refineries to set up their business in Singapore with the objective of increasing Singapore’s share of the global gold market and other precious metals market we believe Singapore will be an ideal hub for storage for precious metals in Airgead Coin. Singapore has no jurisdictional ties to the US or any country in Europe.

Working with your needs

We will coordinate with Airgead coin holders to store precious metal coins/bars as conveniently as possible especially if you wish to take physical ownership over your precious metal coins/bars.With storage facilities throughout the world we will be able to provide ease of access along with decentralized costs.
We will work with precious metal dealers in which you can purchase directly from them. We will also be working with storage facilities in which you can transfer your precious metals and have them merged into an Airgead Coin.
In time we will be able to store any and all precious metal coin/bars in secure storage so you can use them under Airgead Coin.