Airgead Coin Token

Airgead Coin Token

Why Airgead Coin Is Launching a Token Sale

We are inviting people to own part of the entire Airgead Coin system and enjoy all the benefits that come with owning our Token.
Imagine owning and actually contributing to a new open currency that will free this system of debt.
We are offering a number of Tokens for sale that will be used to develop our exchange, purchase the first amount of precious metals to merge into our Airgead Coin and to develop a number of websites and future ideas that will enable the use of precious metals as a medium of exchange used throughout the world and in time create a universal currency for the first time.
The name of our Token will simply be named Airgead

Benefits of Owning Airgead Token

While we have listed all the benefits of linking/merging your precious metals to an Airgead Coin, owning our Airgead Token rewards and benefits holders in brand new ways:

  • Depending on the token sale 20% to 80% of the entire Airgead Coin system, it’s holdings and all future projects will be owned by Airgead Token Holders.
  • We at Airgead Coin believe in the value precious metals, we will use 40% to 60% of profits generated every 3 months to purchase precious metals that will be owned by Airgead Coin.
  • As Token Holders, depending on the token sale, 20% to 50% of the precious metal purchased will be merged into Airgead Coins and then transferred to Airgead Token Holders; this will act as a dividend every 3 months.
  • Airgead Tokens will be available to trade through a CryptoCoin exchange within 2 to 4 months after the ICO closes.
  • A number of other rewards will be designed and given to Airgead Token Holders over time, we know who the true owners and will reward those who take part and own our Airgead Tokens.
  • As we grow, so will the value of your investment grow within Airgead Coin.

To Generate Your Own Open Asset/Information Backed CryptoCoin

We will open this system to the world, one where any information, class of assets can be traded throughout the world for a fraction of the cost that we are forced to endure in our daily lives. Everyone has information that can be shared or a class of assets that can be embedded into a cryotocoin and have its value decentralized. We open this sytem so that you no longer have to deal with banks, you will be dealing with the world so that everyone can share and be free to use there assets without controls.
This is what makes owning Airgead Tokens so unique,we will not only free precious metals but we will free everyone so they can move their wealth around and have a value based on that wealth so it can be used throughout the world.

Options of Token Holders Once They Receive Their Airgead Coins Dividends

Once your Airgead Coin are transferred into your Wallet you will have a number of options:

  1. Hold onto your Airgead Coin.
  2. Sell your Airgead Coin on our exchange.
  3. Take physical ownership of the precious metals.
  4. Use within a number of our websites or e-commerce sites to purchase goods and services.
  5. Exchange your Airgead Coins for other CryptoCoins that will trade under our exchange.
  6. Use your Airgead Coin to exchange for more Airgead Tokens increasing your ownership and your dividend every 3 months.

Amount Of Tokens Required To Sell

To generate our exchange and purchase the initial amount of precious metal coins/bars we will need a sell a minimum amount of Airgead Tokens. Depending on the Airgead Token sale, 20% to 70% of the entire Airgead Coin, code, websites, future innovations and holdings will be owned by the Token Holders.

Breakdown Of What The Tokens Will Be Used For

  • 6% of Tokens sold will be needed to generate the Digital Precious Metals Wallet, Airgead Exchange and the Encrypted Blockchain.
  • 6% of tokens sold will be used to purchase the initial Precious Metal coins/bars that will make up the first initial digital Precious Metals Currency that will be introduced.
  • 18% of Tokens sold will allow us to advertise and will allow for the further adoption for a Wealth based currency.
  • 30% of Tokens sold will be used to develop a number of websites that will provide outlets in which the world can trade together with a Precious Metals currency.
  • 40% of Tokens sold and we can begin to implement future ideas that will provide the world with an honest wealth based Currency furthering the demise of paper based debt currencies.
  • If over 50 million tokens are sold, we will use the funds to expand our precious metals purchases and increase the initial amount of Airgead Coins. We will also be able to further our goals and start to put all of our future ideas into practice.

The minimum amount of Tokens that we need to sell is 8 million Airgead Tokens; if we cannot sell that amount we will not be able to generate this Precious metal currency.

Total Airgead Tokens For Sale

Total Airgead Tokens for sale will be fixed at 100 million. Our token sale will be limited to both Pre-Ico stage and the Ico stage.

Cost of Airgead Tokens

Conversion of Ethereum to Airgead Token
Week 1 - 1 Airgead Token (AED) for €1.00
Week 2  -1 Airgead Token (AED) for €1.10
Week 3 - 1 Airgead Token (AED) for €1.15
Week 4 - 1 Airgead Token (AED) for €1.20
Week 5 - 1 Airgead Token (AED) for €1.25
Week 6 - 1 Airgead Token (AED) for €1.30
Week 7 - 1 Airgead Token (AED) for €1.35
Week 8 - 1 Airgead Token (AED) for €1.40

We accept all CryptoCurrencies in exchange for our Airgead Tokens; please contact us to check for all conversion rates for Airgead Tokens.

Purchasing your Airgead Tokens

The investor will be able to send Ethereum, Bitcoin or other CryptoCurrencies to our Wallet. A corresponding amount of share Tokens will be credited to the investor’s account. Once we complete the Share Token Sale, the investor will receive his/her allocated Airgead Tokens at the rate of exchange prevailing when the orders were received.