Future Innovations

Airgead Coin Exchange

Our Exchange in which to trade your Airgead Coin will be like no other system, we provide an encrypted platform where you can buy, sell and trade precious metals at the click of a button.
With a safe and secure exchange system, prices will be determined by supply and demand, free from any of the old restrictions and costs that are in place when dealing with precious metals in physical form.
Our Exchange will be able to value all precious metal coins/bars that are merged to Airgead Coin in real-time, this means a true reflection on price, allowing anyone in the world to have a set price and value placed on their precious metals for the first time.
As Airgead Coin grows so will the ideas, that we have formulated below, come into effect and be implemented on a global scale. We aim to provide an overall system where Airgead Coin holders will be provided with any number of possibilities to use their Airgead Coin. We do more than talk about ideas, we create them and incorporate them for everyone to use.

Platinum and Palladium Coins/Bars

Initially once our Exchange goes live, the first block of Airgead Coins will be silver and gold coins/bars. This will allow Airgead Coin to build its user base and allow precious metals to be incorporated into your daily lives once again.
Once our Exchange grows, we will begin to merge platinum and palladium coins/bars into Airgead Coin. Once these are included, Airgead Coin will be the first CryptoCoin to merge all 4 precious metals under one CryptoCoin providing the foundation of a universal precious metal currency.

Opening Airgead Coin to Each and Every Precious Metal - Coins/Bars

Once all 4 precious metals are linked to Airgead Coin and a real-time value is set for all 4 precious metals we will begin to merge all remaining precious metal coins/bars. This will include all junk precious metal coins, generic, semi numismatic and true numismatic coins/bars.
This has always been the main problem of introducing a precious metal backed currency - how do you value one coin from another, with such a large amount of different precious metals it seemed impossible to find a real-time value for all precious metals coins/bars at once.
Our Exchange provides a solution for this, within our Exchange all 4 precious metals are split up into categories, each of which will have different sections that will include everything from junk precious metals all the way up to numismatic coins/bars. Precious metal coins bars each have their own selling price that are determined by supply and demand, our Exchange will match all buyers and sellers at once allowing for a true reflection of precious metals to be given in real-time.

Generic Coins/Bars

The first block of Airgead Coins will be backed by a number of different generic silver and gold coins/bars. As with new systems and ideas we will be careful to only include these precious metal coins/bars as prices will be determined by supply and demand. Generic coins have a stable buying and selling price so we can guarantee a price when they are purchased and sold.
If we introduced all different precious metals in the initial roll out phase we could not guarantee a stable real-time price for all different coins. For that reason we will slowly implement other precious metal coins/bars that have value above generic precious metal values.

Semi Numismatic

As our Exchange grows and becomes more widely used we will begin to include semi numismatic coins/bars. These semi numismatic coins/bars can be a favourite among collectors, they are relatively inexpensive to begin with but, as with everything, once supply ends and demand remains the price generally goes up and these provide a very good level of return every year.

Numismatic Coins/Bars

These are the rarest coins/bars held by collectors. These coins/bars are generally of incredibly low mintage or of such high grade that they command a very high premium. These coins/bars are often graded and are guaranteed to be authentic. With such rare coins it can be extremely difficult to value apart from auction.
Our Exchange will provide a specialist section for these specific coins, one where the value can be set by you and sold for a fraction of the cost as provided by auction houses.

Storage of Precious Metals

Once our Exchange begins to trade all precious metals and coins, we will begin to accept personal precious metal holdings within our authorized storage facilities. Once your precious metals are in storage you will be given the option to create your own Airgead Coins based on your holdings.

Creating Your Own Airgead Coin (Be-Spoke Airgead Coin)

Each Airgead Coin can be designed with its creator in mind. Yet another innovation of Airgead Coin.
The benefits of creating your own Airgead Coin, when done correctly, can even increase the overall value when you:

  • Combine a number of Airgead Coins together.
  • Create sets of Coins.
  • Collections of simple "junk" silver coins.

We provide the same options as normal collectors would do to increase the overall value in the value of their precious metals.

Size of An Airgead Coin

As aforementioned, Airgead Coin can be backed by any precious metal in any quantity and size. A single Airgead Coin can be merged with any number of precious metals coins/bars.

We do advise that you consider the Airgead Coin you wish to create and if there would be a market for it.

For example:

  • We do advise to keep an Airgead Coin limited to a single type of precious metals, keep your silver, gold, platinum and palladium coins/bars apart in a single Airgead Coin.
  • We also advise that you refrain from placing an abundance of different precious metal coins/bars into a single coin as this would limit the amount of buyers for such a coin and thus reduce its selling power and overall value.

Owning Part of An Airgead Coin

This is designed for the rare numismatic coins/bars.  Often times a coin can have such a rarity that its true price can only be determined by auction houses to get the best price.

For these coins we provide an option that will allow you to receive a price that would rival any auction house at a fraction of the cost.

We allow a true certified numismatic coin to be split up into a number of Airgead Coins.

This has the benefits of:

  • Allowing the seller to sell part of his/her coin.
  • Allow the seller to sell the whole coin within a number of Airgead Coins.
  • This allows buyers who would not normally be able to own such a coin an opportunity to own a part of this coin.
  • Allow buyers to have a single Airgead Coin with a large value to use in exchange for the higher end goods or services in a single transaction.

Disclaimer: You would not be able to take physical possession of this numismatic coin until all Airgead Coins that are linked to that coin/bar are owned by a single owner.

Innovations outside of Airgead Coin

We Can Check Your Precious Metal Coins For You

A substantial amount of coins/bars have been locked away, passed down through time, only for them to be lost or forgotten about. Most do not realize the true value of some of the coins they have in drawers, buried or locked away. When they are sold they are usually sold for a fraction of their true worth.
Within cities, and throughout the world, we will introduce Coin Recognition Machines; these machines will be able to perform a number of functions to help those who know the value of their coins and those who have no idea of the value of coins.
Our machines will provide the owners of these precious metals a number of options:

  • Provide a full list of all coins.
  • Separate the precious metal coins from coins that have no precious metal content.
  • Provide you with an estimate value based on real-time prices from our Exchange.
  • Allow you the option to convert these coins to Airgead Coins.
  • Indicate if any coins might have numismatic value.

If you have numismatic value in any coins, our operators will check these coins for authenticity and report back to you. This can increase the value of your Airgead Coin and provide more value to the owner within our exchange.

Coins That Do Not Have Precious Metal Content

These coins are usually considered “worthless” and left for the trash, but we believe that these coins can still hold some value.
We provide a number of options for these coins:

  • A full list of coins can be provided.
  • Any coins that have some numismatic value will be detected and you will be informed.
  • We can provide you with a number of outlets in which to sell your collection within a number of our classified and auction sites.
  • By providing a detailed list and a worldwide platform you will be provided with more options to sell as you would normally through a local selling classified or auction site.


  1. None of these coins can be linked to an Airgead Coin, our Airgead Coin is only designed for precious metal content coins.
  2. We cannot provide any real-time values for these coins as only precious metal content coins within our Exchange can provide real-time prices.

Assist You With a Coin Grading Service

We can help assist coin holders who wish to have their precious metal coins valued. When it comes to coins from the past the grading can affect the value of a coin.
We aim to provide the maximum value when you merge your precious metals into an Airgead Coin. For this reason we will provide a number of options in which you can have your coin graded.
The following is a list of professional coin grading services we will work closely with:

  • The Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS).
  • The Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC).
  • Independent Coin Graders (ICG).

We will not be affiliated with these grading service providers but we will work with them on behalf of you. If you have a coin that you believe has numismatic value, we will employ their services and report back to you. This cost will be the responsibility of the owners but we will inform you of the costs before you choose to use this service. Once the graded coin is in storage an Airgead Coin will be created and sent to your Wallet.

How You Can Benefit Using Airgead Coin To Use This Service

Coin grading services are not always available in your country and the cost of sending the coin by post can be very costly and even more so just to receive the coin/bar back. We will have storage facilities that are in close proximity to these coin grading services for convenience.
Our aim is to allow for maximum value to be placed on your Airgead Coin for use in our Exchange.

Scrap Metals

Such a large amount of silver, gold and other precious metals exists in the form of broken items (cutlery, rings, bowls, chains etc.) all of which, while considered scrap, have the advantage of having buyers throughout the world.
Your only options of selling these precious metals are auctions sites, classified sites or scrap dealers but the selling price you receive is often times far below the real value you should receive. Each of these options carry a lot of time and costs which can further diminish the value you would receive for these precious metals.
There are buyers for precious metals throughout the world and they are more than willing to purchase at a price that is reflected in the content that your precious metal holds.

We Provide Another Option For You

Just like our Coin Recognition Machines, we will also provide secure storage machines in which you can place your broken or unwanted precious metals into. You will be provided with a receipt and reference and your contents will be fully insured. Once our operators receive the content they will test the purity and weight of your items and give you a value based on the precious metal content.
Option when receiving this value:

  • A value will be determined and given to the owner.
  • You can at all times refuse this value and have your items returned.
  • You can have these metals converted into Airgead Coins, as Airgead Coin only deal in coins/bars your metals will be melted down and cast into a bar, the bar will be merged to an Airgead Coin and then transferred to your Wallet.
  • Or, you can receive the value in the form of payment into an account or be provided with a cheque - our valuations will be the best in the market when it comes to precious metals.

There are times where someone would not know the real value of something they wish to sell. Our operators will be trained to assess the value of an item; if at any time our operator can see more value in your item they will inform the owner.
We at Airgead Coin value the history of precious metals, if we allowed all precious metals to be melted down we would take that history away from the world and that’s not something that we are willing to allow!

Platforms That Use Airgead Coins as Payment

Once precious metals are merged with Airgead Coin they become decentralized from control and costs, this provides the freedom of movement for all precious metals Airgead Coins and provides a real-time valuation that can be used as a unit of value to purchase items with.
We are working on a number of websites and we will open Airgead Coin to all e-commerce sites in which to use Airgead Coin as a unit of value that can be used to purchase goods and services throughout the world.


Auction sites - we are developing a number of auction sites where your Airgead Coin will be the unit of value that form the value on goods being offered.

Classified sites - These will provide local people who wish to exchange their goods or services for payment. Airgead Coin will be the basis of this payment for those goods and services.

E-Commerce sites - online retailers are beginning to accept Bitcoins as a form of payment for goods, what they don’t tell you is that each of these bitcoins they receive are simply converted into a currency which they accept. Airgead Coin like Bitcoins will be convertible into any currency throughout the world in real time. We will work with e-commerce sites so that Airgead Coin can be used as a universal payment for goods.

Only with Airgead Coin can we free precious metals and once again use them as a universal currency – one name, one coin.

Secure Airgead Coin Payments

Individual Credit Card

Credit cards are a part of nearly everyone’s daily life. Your Airgead Coin can at any time be sold under our Exchange and the payment can be sent to your Airgead Credit Card. This will be for where retailers and other outlets do not accept Airgead Coins as payment. You simply pay with your Airgead Credit Card ensuring the future of precious metals as a universal currency.
The value of funds on your Airgead Credit Card will be based on both the:

  • Value of the coin sold, once the Airgead Coin/Coins are sold you will have the option to transfer the funds into your Airgead Credit Card, once this is done you will have the funds in your Airgead Credit Card and be free to use them as you wish.
  • Or, a credit value will be given based on the holdings in your Airgead Coin Wallet.

Payment Transfer System

Payment Transfer Systems are widely used as they provide security for both parties when paying for goods on a number of our auction and classified websites.
Airgead Coin will implement this system and it will allow parties when they are exchanging their Airgead Coins for goods to have the option to use our Payment Transfer System. This will provide security for both parties.

Phone Transfer

Our system will allow for a simple transfer of Airgead Coins for your daily use in purchasing goods and services.
Airgead Coin Wallet holders will have the option to have both a Primary and Secondary Wallet if they are to use their Airgead Coin as a use in their daily lives.

  • Your Primary Wallet is designed to work within our Exchange, our websites and for the use of purchasing and selling your Airgead Coins or trading for other CryptoCoins.
  • Your Secondary Wallet (Phone Wallet) is designed to be used in your daily of goods and services.

Your main Wallet will always be your Primary Wallet. This Primary Wallet will hold your Airgead Coins. However, there is also your Phone Wallet (Secondary Wallet) which, in its simplest form, can be described as your Petty Cash Wallet. This Phone Wallet can be used for day-to-day usage without the burden of carrying the entire contents of your main Wallet information with you.
If you are purchasing goods or services from another party privately or just wish to have some spending money, you can simply have the Airgead Coin transferred from your Primary Wallet to your Secondary Wallet at zero cost. When purchasing any goods and services you send the receiving party the Airgead Coin which can easily be confirmed by the seller and the buyer receives the goods and services which they paid for.

The Future of All Assets and Information

Our code and our Airgead Coin has the potential of opening up a new way in which all assets and information throughout the world can become decentralized.
This has so many possibilities that will become self-evident over time. We will provide the foundation of a worldwide system of decentralization that can free all assets from controls and costs leading to a true reflection of value for the first time.