Airgead Coin vs Everything Else

Airgead Coin versus Everything Else

I heard a story once about someone placing an item for sale on a website, the item was a simple broken laser pointer. When the seller sold the item, he had asked the buyer was he aware that the laser pointer was broken, in which the buyer said yes but then the buyer said I collect broken laser pointers. This was the first item ever sold on eBay.

This is how everything starts, with an idea that is adopted and implemented throughout the world. A simple idea that made it easier to link the world together.

In our case at Airgead Coin, we wanted to create something that had never been done before,provide a currency where the world shared in the value and function of real money once again. Given to the world that we no longer need or should have any debt based currency, just a currency that was fair and actually secured your real wealth over time.

Airgead Coin provides freedom from governmental control and put the power back into hands of the people’s once again.

When looking at precious metals in physical from there are a number of problems that no one seems to discuss when looking at the idea of a precious metal currency:

  • How to safely exchange precious metals for goods and services?
  • How to determine the real value apart from spot price?
  • Would you be able to tell if the precious metals were real?
  • Actually receive a fair value for your precious metals.

As the level of money printing continued to grow and the low levels of interest rates seemed to defy the laws of economics, the value of our printed currencies continued to fall. Then along came the biggest surge in Cryptocurrencies over the past years. Like most, I never believed in the whole Cryptocurrency market. Like most people, I believed in value and what I can see. Cryptocurrencies had no value, yet their value continued to increase exponentially defying any laws of understanding. Cryptocurrencies that were introduced as a joke became valuable.

We have fully researched every aspect of the system, the more we read the more we saw the potential not in Cryptocurrencies themselves but in the technology and the decentralization that gave them their value. Cryptocurrencies have no intrinsic value of any kind, yet neither does any Fiat based Currencies. That continues to be the argument at present, why invest in cryptocurrencies? the same argument can be used for FIAT based currencies.

So as people had less and less faith in one system they simply went to another system, one that has near instant transactions, low costs and are decentralized from governments, banks and corporations control, this is the true wealth and power of the Blockchain. It's ability to have no controls and freedom to find value based on what someone is willing to pay for one Cryptocurrency compared to another.

We set aside time to develop the idea behind a Cryptocurrency, one that would incorporate the idea of using precious metals once again as real money, it seemed like a perfect match. We would use the technology and idea behind the technology behind Blockchainand not only improve on the technology but make it in a way that it would become used by everyone.

Our Goal

Our goal was to create a revolutionary Cryptocoin, one that could merge any precious metals into a single Cryptocurrency. A system to free the price and controls of precious metals throughout the world. The more we went into this and started to develop the system it was then we could see the potential of what this system could do, not only for bringing real value back into our currency but what it could do outside of precious metals and change the world all together. Having any assets throughout the world or even information being merged within one cryptocoin and having that coin transacted throughout the world at near zero cost.
This is what is missing with Cryptocurrencies, the decentralized control over all assets, information, services and other values. If we can once and for all free them from all controls they would begin to find a natural price determined not by borders, taxes or controls but by a freedom of movement, low costs and instant transactions throughout the world without any interference. One where you would not have to fear the collapse in a governmental controlled currency or inflation that would wipe the value of your savings but return the control and value back solely into your hands.

Scalable Projections with Airgead Coin in the Short Term

Step 1: Introduce The First Open Cryptocurrency

Our first step is to decentralize precious metals within Airgead Coin and realize for the first-time real intrinsic wealth in our currency.
Have everyone share the same price and value when purchasing and selling precious metals regardless of which country you live in and overcome any borders and restrictions that are in place.
We will begin by first merging Silver and Gold coins/bars under Airgead Coin to prove this concept and allow for a natural price discovery to be found within our Exchange.
Leading on from this, we will begin to include Platinum and Palladium coins/bars.
Once all four precious metals are merged with Airgead Coin we will begin to merge all coins, sizes, years and dates under Airgead Coin.Within the Airgead Exchange a natural price discovery for all precious metals will be found and will be free to trade at any value that is determined by natural supply and demand.

Step 2: Free the Costs Associated with Storing Precious Metals

We at Airgead Coin do not charge precious metal holders any storage fees, insurance fees or management fees while they store precious metals within our secure storage facilities. To charge a fee would lead to a dilution of precious metals held and will only lead to a diminished holding of the precious metals, just like any debt based currency. What your Airgead Coin holds today will still hold the same next year.

Step 3: Our Next Step Is to Bring It to Everyone

We will open Airgead Coin to holders of precious metals.If precious metal holders can see a true price discovery of precious metals that are merged with Airgead Coin, you are opening the market to billions worth of stored and held precious metals further expanding the size of our Exchange.
Once we open the value of precious metals once again, all the real wealth of this world will become unlocked and used again as real money. Up till know this has always been the main problem facing precious metals, one where the value of precious metals can be different from one country compared to another, not allowing for a true reflection on price as no real price discover could be found.
Our Airgead Exchange finds a true reflection of price that will allow any, and all, coins to have value in real-time and can be exchanged without borders, old costs and restrictions in place.

Step 4: Precious Metals as Money Again

Once a natural precious metals price discovery has been found their real wealth can be used to value goods and services throughout the world.
Our Exchange will provide live prices for precious metals that can be used to value anything, if you can value something in real-time it’s value becomes realized by everyone and that value can be used to trade against any asset, goods or services throughout the world. Once a true reflection of price is determined it will open precious metals to everything such as using precious metals as a monetary use against goods and services using classified sites, auction sites and e-commerce sites. This is the main reason e-commerce sites and companies are beginning to accept bitcoins in exchange for goods and services as the prices can be determined in real-time which up until this point in time was impossible for precious metals.
This will lead to other uses of precious metals in our day-to-day lives such as credit cards, automated payment system and open the world to use precious metals as real money once again.

The Market

When we look at the market we not only need to look at the rapid growth of precious metals backed Cryptocurrencies but also to look at every aspect of the precious metals market from the way precious metals are currency held and traded in the world as a store of wealth.
We are not content at just adopting Airgead Coin for the cryptocurrency market, but we also look to merging the old with the new, all levels of precious metals from the past will have a chance to see the potential of this new system and how we can finally create a free currency, not backed by debt or obligations but a new system that can flourish and become free.

The Growth of other Precious Metals Backed Cryptocurrencies:

The below list shows the amount of precious metals backed Cryptocurrencies either in development or which have already passed the ICO stage and what they offer:

  • Anthem gold- backed by one gram of gold.
  • Gold Crypto- each 750 tokens will eventually be backed by one oz. gold.
  • Xgold- one gram of gold.
  • FlASHMONI- one gram of gold.
  • AURUS- one gram of gold.
  • REALES- combines gold, silver, bitcoin and other alt coins to back their cryptocurrency.
  • Hellogold- one gram of gold.
  • BullionCoin- two cryptocurrencies, one backed by one gram of gold and the other cryptocurrency backed by 50 grams silver.
  • Curensee- backed by one gram of gold.
  • Orocrypt- backed by 30 grams of gold.
  • Zengold- one gram of gold.
  • ONEGRAM- one gram of gold.

A common characteristic is shared by all. Instead of learning from and making innovations they simple back their Cryptocurrency with a gram, an oz. or combine some precious metals and other alt coins together to make a single Cryptocurrency.
They are flooding the market with their version of a gold backed Cryptocurrency that will inevitably fail once Airgead Coin is brought into the scene.
To date there has been no real innovation within the Cryptocurrency Market that have come up with a revolutionary way to free precious metals.
We have and we are not afraid to do this.
Unlike Airgead Coin, these Cryptocurrencies share the same characteristics in that they act more like a fund or a trust then a cryptocurrency. Every year the value of your Cryptocurrency decreases in value due to the costs involved:

  • Transactions fees.
  • Storage fees.
  • Management fees.
  • Insurance fees.

If a Cryptocurrency fails and does not perform as expected, all the aforementioned costs will lead to a diminished value every year of what will be available. If you have 1 gram by the end of the year that 1 gram would grow smaller and accordingly with every cost each year it would lead to smaller and smaller value. Thus, even though you may have 1 gram of gold, for instance, once these costs are incurred the owners value will show a significant decrease as these charges are borne by the original 1 gram of gold.
As such, all of these Cryptocurrencies fail to understand and innovate the system to once and for all free the value of precious metals.

The Leaders Outside of the Cryptocurrency Market

So much precious metals have been locked away, stored and held in private hand. Each believing in the real wealth in money and the protection provided by precious metals.
These are the main competition we aim to take over and allow for their true value to be realized once again, which include:

  • Private Storage Holders.
  • Precious Metal Dealers.
  • ETF’s, Exchange Traded Funds.
  • Precious Metals Certificates.

All of which store Billions worth of precious metals held.
The below charts are an example of the largest ETF’s on the market:


(Please note that this is just an example of one of the sources and this does not include the banking, private holders, dealers, trusts etc.)

EFT's purchase precious metals but can you physical take ownership over the metals, of course not. You pay them a fee to manage and store these precious metals and you are gambling that the price of precious metals go up to take ownership over Fiat based currency as you never see or hold the precious metals that are held in ETF'S. 

Gold ETF

Silver ETF

Platinum ETF

Palladium ETF

Precious Storage Facilities

Even Precious Metals Holding Companies are getting into the market, the first being Goldmoney.This company allows investors to buy, sell and hold precious metals within their storage facilities. They have recently introduced the idea of allowing customers to use precious metals as a payment system to purchase goods. All of which are relying on the current spot price of the metals. Goldmoney charges you to store the metals every month, every transaction is charged, there are registration fees and they even require you to own a specific amount just to redeem what you own.

Every one of these systems are designed to erode the power and use of precious metals, all of which charge management fees, storage costs and insurance fees. What they are doing, and what has been done for such a long time, is devaluing precious metals year on year.


Our system changes everything with regards to the new ways of approaching precious metals to the tired old ways of holding precious metals. It takes a system like this to see all the problems and all the old ways that have held precious metals back from those who seek to profit from you in everyway.
We take the value of precious metals, decentralize them, create an environment of trust and overall protect the real wealth.

Within CryptoCurrencies

Instead of adapting and changing the system and expanding the idea of what Cryptocurrencies can become they simply adopt an idea that has been around for 9 years now. Create a number of cryptocoins, tie them to a single metal and rely on the buyers and sellers to trade that single asset as a currency.
The precious metals market is so much bigger than that, each coin has its own value, whether that being a gram of gold, a sovereign, an oz, or depending on the collectability of the coin. It is so much more than a single precious metal coin. What is needed is an open Cryptocurrency that not only allows you to merge any asset within one Cryptocoin but have its value freely traded and priced on an Exchange that gives a real reflection free from all the old costs and controls that have limited them for so long.

Limitations of Current Precious Metal Backed Cryptocurrencies:

  • Each back a single precious metal to one Cryptocurrency.
  • All charge Storage costs, Management fees and Insurance fees.
  • None can create an Exchange to value a single Cryptocoin based on the asset it is backed to.
  • Not one of them have a clear scope to tackle and adopt a widespread system of open precious metals Cryptocurrencies.
  • Not one provides an outlet in which to use their Cryptocurrency outside of their system.
  • The risk of diminishing value every year on the value of the underlying asset.

They all share the same single-minded idea to merge a single asset with a Cryptocurrency, claim it to be revolutionary, charge you in every way possible and receive money themselves for nothing. Is this revolutionary?

Why Airgead Coin Stands Above Everything Done Thus Far

  • Once precious metals are merged with Airgead Coins we do not charge any management fees, insurance fees or storage fees.
  • Each Airgead Coin can be priced individually based on their underlying asset to which they are backed with.
  • Real-time price for all precious metals are shared throughout the world.
  • It’s the first way to value all precious metals in real-time for the first time.
  • Centralize all precious metals within one Cryptocurrency, you will no longer have to own multiple precious metal backed Cryptocurrencies. Now it’s all under one name, one coin.
  • Provides outlets for the use of precious metals in our daily lives, classified sites, auction sites and allow the use within e-commerce sites.
  • Provide an outlet for other CryptoCurrencies to exchange their alt Coins for Airgead Coins within our Exchange.
  • No risk of a diminishing the value through underlying costs such as fees etc.

There are so many possibilities when it comes to this new way to merge all precious metals within Airgead Coin that within time, new innovations and ideas will be developed and used that will continue to shape this new generation of currency for years to come.

The Present Way of Storing/Holding Metals VS Airgead Coin

The main market, and the real store of precious metal wealth, is in private hands, ETF’S, funds and trusts all of which are designed to charge a fee to store, insure and manage your precious metals.
To be clear, you are charged to hoard your precious metals, so you can protect yourself as a hedge against inflation, a collapse in the monetary system or for any number of reason.
Airgead Coin is the only system that will give you full ownership over your precious metals, while at the same time allow you to use them in a way that reflects their true worth.
Once our system and our Exchange are in operation, all prices will give a true reflection throughout the world, prices will be allowed to find a natural value. Once this happens you will see a large movement of wealth into Airgead Coin from the old ways precious metals are stored and held.
Unlike ETF’s, where the precious metals stored/held are not the property of the owners, Airgead Coin holders have full ownership over the precious metals and underlying assets held within one Airgead Coin, the asset will still hold the same underlying asset the following year.
In time we hope that the old saying ‘unless you hold it, you don’t own it’ will be become obsolete.
It is our belief Bitcoin was developed to bring about the idea of change, an opportunity to not only create value but to decentralize the value of currencies. Along the way, that original idea has gotten lost and has been replaced by a system with absolutely no value of any kind, Cryptocurrencies are now being created just for their name alone.
With this new generation of open CryptoCurrencies, Airgead Coin will lead the way in creating new innovations and bring value back into the cryptocurrency market.

Business Model

  • Create the first open CryptoCurrency that allows a single asset, information or any use of value to be placed within a single Cryptocoin.
  • Introduce this concept using a precious metal backed CryptoCurrency in which all four precious metals will be merged under one CryptoCurrency. Each of which will be individually priced depending on the precious metal it is backed by.
  • Decentralize control placed on precious metals coins/bars once your precious metals are merged with Airgead Coins.
  • End the old archaic costs that have destroyed precious metal value and restricted their trade throughout the world.
  • Provide a single exchange that would be able to value all precious metal coins/bars in real-time.
  • Create, for the first time, a single cost for everyone to purchase, sell and trade precious metals.
  • Provide the foundation for a precious metal backed currency.
  • Provide several outlets in which you can use precious metals to purchase goods, services and assets in a number of websites.
  • Expand and replace the old storage ideas behind precious metals.
  • Provide a blueprint and foundation for the decentralized control over all assets and information.

To date every aspect of this idea and project has been the idea of a few people who wish to change the whole system not only the idea of a precious metal currency but expanding the future of the Cryptocurrency market. All this will provide a fair system that we were all promised that one day would come.

We at Airgead Coin lost patience with all those who said it would come and did it ourselves.