About Airgead Coin

About Airgead Coin

We are Airgead Coin, a universal precious metal backed CryptoCurrency exclusively backed by Silver, Gold, Platinum and Palladium coins/bars. Our aim to provide a worldwide currency backed by all precious metals, creating for the first time a truly global currency, that is valued, trusted and used throughout the world.

We at Airgead Coin know the only system that has ever created wealth and held it’s value in money was when it was backed by some form of real assets such as silver or gold.

Today we exchange our time and services for meaningless pieces of paper that allows us to purchase goods, services and assets.

It is now necessary for the assets and goods we purchase to go up in value just to see our wealth grow. Once our money had a natural wealth preservation, you would earn interest in your deposit above inflation this would ensure your wealth preservation over time. All of which seems to be lost now, your money in your account not holds no natural wealth preservation as inflation far out-weights any interest you might receive.

A simple solution for this, if we once again introduce the value of precious metals back into a currency, it’s value would once again provide a natural preservation of wealth and protect your wealth again both as a value of money and as a value to purchase goods, assets and services.

Today's Money

Today’s money is backed by nothing but useless paper, the only thing that gives our money value is how much of it is in circulation. Therefore, the power to regulate the money supply and its value is being manipulated by central banks and this in turn can bring economies to their knees. So much of our money is tied to this worthless controlled system - your salary, bonus, pensions, assets, services etc.

The Real Money

But what does hold value? Precious Metals.

Precious metals require work, time, effort and money to extract them from the ground which places intrinsic values in all metals. Our time, assets, goods and services should be based on a currency that has value itself. Precious metals provides the perfect functions of money.


The above graph shows clearly the difference in purchasing power over time between Gold and governmental controlled currencies.

It is hard to see the loss in value of money every year but when we are shown a clear indication of the change that has happened compared to the likes of gold where the value is undeniable.

A shift is happening, the movement of real wealth has begun, and most will not realize it until it is too late.

A Wealth Shift is Already Happening

A shift in real wealth is already happening and most people do not know it. Governments are buying up record amount of precious metals.

Once this shift happens, you will be either left behind or with Airgead Coin you can be ahead of the game. Would it not be better to get ahead of the crowd and have your wealth and purchasing power safe for the future?

The problem with precious metals is that we still think of them as a thing of the past - a system where you must physically hold it. While most precious metals are stored away in vaults their true value is not allowed to be recognised in any market.


Knowing all of this, should we continue to place our trust in a system where every penny created is because of debt?

Now more than ever we are responsible for so much debt, not only are you responsible for your own personal debt but now your countries debt (the debt of the system) be that the European Union, the United States etc. and worst of all the debt of the banks you intrusted your wealth to.


The Cryptocurrency Markets

Currently only a small percentage of the whole market is in CryptoCurrencies for one simple reason: they hold no real value and it is hard to trust something with absolutely no intrinsic value of any kind. But where it lacks value in that sense, it does hold value as it is outside of the system, it is unregulated, decentralized and free from banking and governmental controls. Why is it not more popular then? Put simply, it holds no intrinsic value and this will inevitably lead to a crash in the market and in turn a loss of confidence of the cryptocurrency market. In short, it leads back to trust i.e. the .com bubble, the credit default swaps bubble - how do you trust something that you know has no real value?

Getting Ahead Of Wealth Transfer

We at Airgead Coin aim to merge the past with the future, we merge both markets where one provides the stability and strength of purchasing power provided by precious metals the other adopts the freedom of movement of precious metals, without controls, taxes, borders -  just a pure wealth system where real wealth can be seen and recognised throughout the world in real-time for the first time.

Two systems working together to provide the perfect system of money.

So, to recap the choices at present?

Governmental Controlled Currency, where every penny created is debt and is subject to controls, barriers and manipulation.


Cryptocurrencies, a new generation of currency, one backed by no value of any kind but allows for a decentralized movement of funds.


Airgead Coin, a worldwide system of decentralized movement of money, not backed by air or debt but by real wealth. A true currency that retains its value, one that is determined by a controlled supply chain system.

One that has true value in each coin. An ease of movement between parties. One that places the value back in our money and also still provides all the functions of real money. Not only do we have the foundation of a real currency in Airgead Coin but we have the foundation of a freely traded currency devoid of governmental, banking or corporate controls.

What we have created is the first universal currency used, trusted and one which enables the growth in the value of both your currency and assets over time. Airgead Coin…..a decentralized wealth system.

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