Airgeadcoin Whitepaper

Airgead Coin Whitepaper

The idea of a debt-free asset backed currency has long been taken away from us all. Central Banks and Governments gamble and trade with real value in Precious Metals between each other, while you are forced to base your time and wealth on Government issued Debt Based-Money which has absolutely no value apart from the value you are told they have.

The storage and management of precious metals has generated big money for precious metals companies who profit out of you in every way. If they truly had your interest at heart they would do everything possible to allow precious metals to be used as a currency.

You purchase precious metals as a store of wealth to protect yourself. You can’t spend them as a currency, you can’t use them in your daily lives, you can’t really transport them, so your best solution is to store the Precious Metals. All the while you are being charged with management, insurance and storage fees that lead to the erosion in the very value which you use to protect your wealth.

We can no longer look at precious metals as a form of physical currency, we have come too far to exchange them in physical form for goods, services or assets again. They are too difficult to manage, value, authenticate and deal with.

A Digital Precious Metals Currency is the only way in which Precious Metals can give us all another choice, a currency backed by real-assets that will protect your wealth. For precious metals in digital form will provide the perfect vehicle for their ease of movement, control, use, management and value.

In Digital Form they will have endless possibilities!

What Is The Only Advantage of Paper Based Money

Our last freedom while basing the value of our wealth on paper money is the appreciation of the value over our assets, but this can only happen when more debt based currency is issued to increase the overall value over these assets.

The problem with this is

When more debt based money is introduced it dilutes the value of the money in circulation, this is why you see increases in the value of goods and services while the value of your money diminishes. This leaves you fully dependent on the rise of your assets just to protect you from the diminishing value of a currency.

A long time ago you had two options to protect yourself with, assets and precious metal based money, when assets go up in value so too would the value of your money. If the value of your assets goes down you would at least have the protection of real-money to protect your overall wealth. It provided a perfect vehicle to protect yourself from every outcome and restricted the amount of debt that could be introduced providing a more stable form of money.

Money in its current form will never protect you, it only enslaves each of us to their system of controls and debt.


Why We Haven't Been Able To Use Precious Metals As A Currency?

Debt based currencies have instant power and control over you and are backed by nothing but debt. If a currency was backed by assets it would bring real value back to the people and it would ensure control and value is restored to everyone.

Instead, in today’s world the value of all paper currencies’ value is now dependent on the debt a country has and its ability to keep everyone in line to pay for this debt. It’s the perfect vehicle that leads to the overall control over every aspect of your life.

Having this then why do we base our time and worth on debt based money with absolutely no value?


Our Solution


Precious Metals are the best vehicle to base your time and wealth on.

Each and every Precious Metal produced requires work, time, effort and money to produce. Just like the time, effort and money it takes for you to work.

Both systems go hand-in-hand, knowing that you get value for your time and work.

Precious Metals have the amazing ability to:

  • Protect your wealth from all central bank currencies.
  • Find a fair value in any country and in any currency throughout the world.
  • Protect your purchasing power from any increase in value of goods and services.
  • Provide a stable form of savings


How Can We Do This:

  • We begin by storing Precious Metals Coins/Bars in one of our storage facilities at absolutely no cost to you, unlike everyone else we do not charge any management fees, insurance fees or storage fees that dilute your wealth.
  • Digital Coins are created out of the Physical Precious Metals Coins/Bars, each Digital Coin representing a different metal, weight, content and value.
  • A Digital Precious Metals Wallet will enable the safe storage and management of these Digital Precious Metal Coins, allowing you to be your own bank.
  • A Precious Metals Exchange will allow the value of all Precious Metals Coins/Bars to be valued in real-time and in any currency.
  • A way to transact with these Precious Metals with everyone through a Decentralized Blockchain.
  • Provide outlets in which you can use the value of these Precious Metals to purchase goods, services and assets throughout the world.




Digital Precious Metals Wallet



Digital Precious Metals Wallet, as the name suggests, is the digitized version of the traditional way we hold Physical Precious Metal coins/bars. The benefits of creating such a digital coin, based on a specific Precious Metals coin/bar, enables you to remove the old costs, controls, borders.


Inside Your Own Digital Wallet:


Information is key when it comes to knowing what Precious Metal Coin you have and its value. Differentiating between different coins that have different precious metal content is crucial to knowing what you have and their value.


Within your Digital Precious Metals Wallet all 4 precious metals will be classified differently by the metals which your coin/bar is backed with - they can be either silver, gold, platinum or palladium. Each Precious Metal coin/bar can be further broken down into classifications such as content, purity, year etc. - all the information you currently physically use to purchase your precious metal coins at present.


One of the benefits of this is that it doesn’t require you to have a vast amount of knowledge about Precious Metals as everything needed will be provided for each and every user. Each person will have access to all the information about their coins including their value, their historic value and the exchange rate for these precious metals in any currency.


This simple system enables you to become your own bank, having total control over your own wealth.








The Main Uses of Your Digital Precious Metals Wallet


Your Digital Precious Metals Wallet ensures that everyone will have the ability to buy, sell and transact with Precious Metals just as you do with paper based money in an easy to use platform.


Uses Within Your Wallet:


  • Provides a detailed look at your entire contents of Precious Metal coins/bars.
  • Allows for direct access to a physical Precious Metals Exchange to buy and sell Precious Metal coins through a world-wide Exchange and to provide an up-to-date value on all of your precious metals.
  • Direct access to redeem your Precious Metals in physical form.
  • Investing in more valuable Precious Metal Coins.

Uses Outside of Your Wallet:


  • Exchange your Precious Metal coins for goods and services.
  • The opening of online sites that recognize this new medium of exchange for goods and services i.e. classified sites, auction sites and e-commerce sites in which to exchange the value of your precious metals for goods and services.


With the use of real asset-money, Digital Coins, in place there would be less reliance to base your wealth on a failing debt based system but instead on one that you have full control over. Our Digital Precious Metals Wallet allows you to be your own bank, have your own say.



How Your Digital Wallet Looks at a Precious Metal Coin


All Precious Metal coins/bars are held in what we call Decentralized Proof of Ownership which is an encrypted title of ownership over a Precious Metal coin/bar enabling any Precious Metal coin/bar to be transformed into a digital coin format.




Decentralized Proof of Ownership


Encryption is an interesting piece of technology that works by scrambling data so it is unreadable by unintended parties; it is this ability that will allow Airgead Coin to encrypt data for any and all Precious Metal coins. By encrypting each digital coin with the information and the title relating to a precious metals coin we create a Decentralized Proof of Ownership over that coin that cannot be copied and can only be read and decrypted by a Digital Precious Metals Wallet enabling the freedom of movement for all precious metals.



Your Digital Wallet


Each Decentralized Proof of Ownership coin (Digital Coin) holds a specific title that is unique indicating what it contains. Just like a physical precious metal coin, it tells you what it is by its weight, its content, what metal it holds, its year etc. through this information. For example the Digital Coin may hold such details as Silver Panda, Yr 2007, content 1oz, purity .9999 and title of ownership.


But to do this the information and title must be encrypted to ensure its authenticity. Each Digital Coin is made up of both the Data which indicates what a Digital Coin holds and a Cipher, also referred to as "secret key", because the system doing the encryption must share it with the entity it intends to be able to decrypt the encrypted data.


Your Digital Coin holds both the Data and the Key. Each Digital Precious Metals Wallet can recognize these Ciphers and Data and decode them so only your Wallet can open the Digital Coin as long as the Key is provided in the Data. Once your Digital Wallet gains access to this title it is decrypted by the Algorithm Decryption Cipher within your Wallet to indicate all the information that it holds and to ensure its authenticity.




The power of this decentralized system and value of precious metals can only lead to a more equal society.

Example of a Precious Metals Wallet for Gold

Gold Wallet


Silver Wallet


The examples above give you the layout of a typical Gold or Silver portfolio within a wallet.

We at Airgead Coin recognize the importance of all precious metals coins/bars, this is why we will include every precious metals coins/bars that have ever been produced.

We have been provided with the ability to create our own precious metals currency based on all these coins and we at Airgead Coin will help you use these coins to get their real value or to use as a currency.


Platinum and Palladium Wallet

As soon as Platinum and Palladium coins/bars are introduced you will have the ability to value and use these coins, leading to a more varied currency backed by real-assets.













Digital Physical Precious Coin Exchange


Airgead Exchange will be the first to introduce an exchange in which Physical Silver, Gold, Platinum and Palladium Coin/Bars can be traded and valued throughout the world for the first time.


The need for a Physical Precious Metal Exchange:


Hasn’t it always been the issue with Physical Precious Metal Coins/Bars, how can you value them in real-time for everyone to share the same price for all precious metals?

When everything becomes a factor with dealing with physical precious metal coins/bars; the costs to have them shipped, the storage fees, the restrictions in place with some countries to buy certain metals and even the risk of imitation coins/bars in circulation.


Both buying and selling Precious Metals have become arduous, time consuming and outright a cost consuming. Each of these factors feeding off you, by increasing your cost and limiting their use in every way possible.


But what if there was a way to not only simplify the whole process but also take away all of the restrictions and costs associated with the old ways of dealing with Physical Precious Metals, finally allowing for the freedom to value all precious metals and once again creating the foundation for a Precious Metal Currency. With Airgead Coin, we have solved every obstacle that has ever kept Precious Metals from ever becoming real-money once again.



How the Precious Metals Exchange works:


Airgead Exchange is classified as an Auction Market Exchange. This allows individuals to buy and sell Precious Metal coins/bars between one another, while an auction is occurring; that is, the highest bidding price will be matched with the lowest asking price.


Unlike other Exchanges, this Exchange is unique as you are pricing and valuing physical Precious Metal coins/bars without restrictions, barriers and the old costs involved. Just an honest way to both value and base the true wealth on an asset as opposed to debt based wealth.



How your Digital Wallet works with the Exchange


The main difference between your Precious Metals Digital Wallet and the Exchange:


  • Your Digital Wallet is designed to hold encrypted Digital Coins that will represent the physical precious metal coin/bar it is tied too, allowing for the ease of transfer, storage and use of precious metals coins/bars.


  • The Precious Metals Exchange is designed to work with your Digital Wallet to enable the transfer of Digital Coins through Wallets.



Controls within the Exchange:


Traffic Controls:


Just like any exchange system someone needs to control the flow, in this case the Digital Precious Metal coins/bars, where buyers and sellers meet.


The Traffic Controller (The Specialist) within the Airgead Exchange will allow for the matching of both buyers and sellers throughout the world in a safe and secure way while providing maximum protection and encryption.

The market and everything else is up by you, the market makers, we merely facilitate the process. The responsibility of the Exchange is to ensure a smooth and orderly market for everyone.


Easy way to understand the mechanics behind the Airgead Exchange:

  • The Interface -- The place where people throughout the world can gain access to this Precious metals Exchange system.
  • The Matching Engine – Our electronic matching system matches buy and sell orders. Our algorithm is used to connect buyers and sellers when their prices match.
  • Quote Services -- Data feeding the buy and sell price quotes that Airgead Exchange provides.

Understanding the mechanics with Airgead Exchange:

Through your interface in your Digital Wallet you will have direct access to the Precious Metals exchange, which provides up to the second live quotes through its computers, which can see what's happening inside the matching engine and then send that data out to the rest of the world updating the values of your precious metal coins/bars in your Digital Wallet in real-time for everyone to see.

For Precious Metals to be used as real-money, people around the world would want to see the value of those Metal coins/bars in real-time and in any currency, which can be viewed through your interface which can provide up to the minute quotes on all precious metals.

This is where the beauty of this system comes into play, by knowing the value of a particular coin at any point in time and in any currency you can use the value of that precious metal coin or a number of coins to exchange for goods/services or assets for the counter-party to accept as they would know its value in real-time, creating the basis for a Precious Metals Currency.

How a typical transaction works in the Airgead Exchange:

This below is a highly simplified explanation of the matching engine in our Exchange. Imagine you have a silver 1 oz Silver Eagle. Inside the matching engine, there is a place to hold all of the pending trades for 1oz Silver coins.

For instance should one person wants to sell 3 oz Silver eagle coins at a price €17 in the currency chosen. They place their orders as follows:

         Sell order    1 oz Silver Eagle       Price €17.00           Qty: 3

Now imagine that there are four people who want to buy 1 oz silver eagle coin at €16.90 each. They place their orders as follows:

         Buy order    1 oz Silver Eagle       Price €16.90            Qty: 4

Right now there are no matches. The lowest price on the sell side is €17.00, and the highest price on the buy side is €16.90. The difference between the prices is what someone is willing to pay for this coin.

Another order is received:

Now another buyer sends a new buy order. They want to buy 4, 1 oz Silver Eagles at the market price. The person placed an order for the following:

          Buy order    1oz Silver Eagle       Market Price            Qty: 4

That buyer will get 3, 1 oz Silver Eagles at the price €17.00, they will then be required to match the next coin with the next sell order, which in this case is set at €17.01

Order Details:

Buy Order   Description    Price Qty
Market Price1 oz Silver Eagle€17.003
Market Price1 oz Silver Eagle€17.011

New price of 1oz Silver Eagle is now: €17.01


Now imagine the matching engine doing this across thousands of different classes and different kinds of Precious Metal coins/bars, millions of matches are handled by the matching engine every day.


After the transaction is made:

Once the match is made, information about the completed transaction flows out of the matching engine and goes back to the Digital Wallets of both the buyer and seller, Wallets are debited and credited.


Protection From Within the Exchange

  • Orders are received through your Digital Wallet for a sale order/buy order within the Airgead Exchange.
  • Meanwhile, the Exchange confirms the details of the buyers and the sellers to ensure the parties don’t default. It then facilitates the actual transfer of ownership of the 1 oz Silver Eagle coin. This process is called Settlement.
  • The Exchange ensures that the trade is honored during the Settlement.

Digital Precious Metals Coins And The Blockchain


As we all know, Precious Metals can hold extreme wealth and value, unlike paper based money, however they are not accepted in most traditional forms to transfer such as:



  • Use at a Bank – No. You cannot use a Bank to transfer Precious Metals.
  • MoneyGram or Western Union etc. – No. You cannot use a Western Union etc. to transfer Precious Metals.
  • PayPal etc. - No. You cannot use PayPal to transfer Precious Metals.



The only available option is the slow and arduous process of sending them in physical form. As such this incurs costs and is an incredibly slow process. This also does not take into account the restrictions in place that some countries place on the movements of Physical Precious Metals through taxation, restriction of movement etc. After 5000 years in recorded history of Precious Metals being used as money this paltry excuse is the only option available to us.


Therefore it is obvious that there is currently no universal way in which to freely transport physical Precious Metals throughout the world.



Brand New Concept For The Free Movement of Precious Metals


For precious metals to be used as real-money again we have shown that if you remove all of the old obstacles and costs that have held back Precious Metals, this leads to the ability to not only allow for the management of your own wealth through a Digital Wallet but also you can create a stable form of currency where everyone can share the same value no matter where you are through a Digital Precious Metals Exchange.



Movement of Precious Metals Through The Blockchain.


The following terminologies are used for a Blockchain:


  • Blockchain – is a public database (a distributed ledger) containing all transactional information.
  • Cryptocurrency – is a type of digital currency i.e. digital cash.
  • Bitcoin – a type of Cryptocurrency.





We at Airgead Coin look at these terminologies differently such as:


  • Blockchain – a Decentralized distribution ledger that allows you to transact your Digital Precious Metal Coin/bars throughout the world.
  • Cryptocurrency – The vehicle in which to transport your Digital Coin throughout the world between Digital Wallets.


It is this decentralized system that will enable Airgead Coin to use this technology to free the value, control and then movement of all Precious Metals.



How The Blockchain Works With A Digital Precious Metals Coin


The Blockchain provides a democratized trust and validation protocol that has already disrupted banking but with Precious Metals it can truly free us all from all debt based currencies.


However, from a technological perspective, the Blockchain is not without its problems. Current proof of work consensus mechanisms have issues when you store data on the chain. This makes storing data, or large files, on the Blockchain an issue as your Digital Precious Metals coin contains extensive information. So in over to overcome this glaring issue, we at Airgead Coin have incorporated a File Sharing System.


Airgead Coin’s File Sharing System:


Airgead Coin’s Decentralized Precious Metals File Sharing (DPMFS) is designed to work with the Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies to allow for the movement of Precious Metals Digital Coins without slowing down the speed of transactions.


DPMFS is a peer-to-peer protocol where each node stores a collection of hashed files.

When your Digital Wallet wants to retrieve a Digital Coin it allows access to an abstraction layer where it simply needs to call the hash of the file (Digital Coin) it wants. DPMFS then combs through the nodes and supplies the Digital Wallet with the file (Digital Coin). Put simply it is a decentralized way of storing and referring to files but gives you more control and refers to files by hashes, allowing for much richer programmatic interactions.



For example a Digital Coin uploaded to the DPMFS and retrieved by your Digital Wallet:


  • A Physical Precious Metal Coin is first held in storage and authenticated, it’s a silver 1oz silver, .9999, year 2007, picture etc. (everything that will make up a Digital Precious Metal Coin).
  • The file (Digital Coin) is placed in a working directory.
  • This file (DC) is added to the DPMFS, which generates a hash of the file.
  • This file (DC) can then be viewed on the DPMFS network by another Digital Precious Metals Wallet which downloads it, decrypts it and is categorized inside your Digital Wallet.


Thereafter, if you want to transfer this Digital Coin, your Wallet will follow the same steps to allow the counter-parties Digital Wallet to download the same process. Your Digital Wallet will have the ability to do this process for you; all you need to do is authorize the transfer through your Wallet.


There will be no security issues as we will implement the following three steps to ensure the integrity of the Digital Coins.


1. Temporary Storage


All files held on the DPMFS file are temporarily in place so both the sender and receiver can complete the transfer. This ensures that the file is only held in place for a short time, in most seconds a fraction of a second. Your Digital Wallet will have access to the DPMFS which can create this temporary file which can only be created once you have a Digital Coin in your Wallet and its encrypted title in place. Once a Digital Wallet downloads the file (Digital Coin), the contents of the file is no longer available.


2. Enter Our Asymmetric Encryption Algorithm


We are developing tools that will pair with the DPMFS to secure files before your Digital Wallet uploads them to DPMFS. Asymmetric encryption allows your Wallet to encrypt a file (Digital Coin) with the public key of the intended recipient so that only they can decrypt it when they retrieve it with DPMFS. Should a malicious third-party retrieve the file from the DPMFS they cannot do anything with it as they will be unable to decrypt it.



3. New Transactions


Each time you wish to make a new transaction between Digital Wallets a new file is created with an existing Digital Coin in your Wallet, the file (DC) is added to the DPMFS which generates a new hash of the file which can then be downloaded.


With all these three parameters working together it ensures that a transaction between Wallets will be only between the intended parties. It also ensures an extra precaution for each party as a file (Digital Coin) will stay in place until the counter-parties Digital Wallet opens the file. If they are unable to do so, due to an error by the parties, the file can be retrieved by the sender, thus nothing is lost.


As soon as the counter-party gains access to that Digital Coin it is no longer available on the network, one the counter-party accesses the file (DC) and downloads it to their Wallet, they automatically take ownership over it.


This is another beneficial aspect of this file sharing system as it ensures the File can never be lost and can only ever have one owner at any one time.

















How To Send Digital Precious Metal Coins Through The Blockchain



Currently, a simple text recording is all the Blockchain can handle. This is why simple Cryptocurrencies are a good fit for the Blockchain. All you need to record is the sender, recipient and amount of Bitcoin (or Ether, Lite, etc.) being transferred. Because all these hashes need to be calculated and verified to preserve integrity of the chain.






This is why our DPMFS is so powerful when coupled with the Blockchain. Instead of BPM, as above, your Wallet will be able to simply store the hash of the DPMFS file. Your Wallet then reads the current hash when it creates a new temporary file for a Digital Coin, it changes the hash so that only the other party can decrypt it.


As such, we keep the simplicity of data that’s required on the Blockchain but we get to enjoy the file storage and decentralized peer-to-peer properties of DPMFS. Since we also added extra security with Temporary Storage, Asymmetric Encryption (GPG) and create new hashes with every file, we have a very elegant way of “storing”, encrypting, and sharing large data and files on the Blockchain that will enable the movement of Precious Metal Digital Coins.

Revised block diagram


This real-world application provides a perfect vehicle for all Precious Metals to be sent through a Blockchain in which only your Digital Wallet can open the files attached and freely transfer these Digital Precious Metal Coins which enables the transport of any Digital Coin(s) freely for the first time throughout the world.


How This Works With Your Digital Wallet


Your Digital Wallet is your interface to the world, it provides you with your own decentralized banking system in which you alone are responsible for and allowing you to control your own wealth. It is also a protection vehicle for both you and the counter-party so that the contents of your Wallet are protected and that the counter-party receives the Digital Coin(s) that they receive.


There already are Blockchains and CryptoCurrencies in place to enable the transfer of these Digital Coins. All that is needed is the system to transfer these Digital Coins…Airgead Coin.




While innovative Cryptocurrency (Digital Money) values are still based on a paper based money system, while challenging the system of debt and control, their ability to change the system is limited by this.


But with Airgead Coin it enables you to disconnect from this paper based system. The value of each Digital Coins is actually represented by a physical form of money. There is a tangible asset backing these Digital Coins, not just words or paper. This is how we are going to change the system and bring confidence and stability back to a currency.


Future For All Precious Metals with Airgead Coin


We will explore just some of the potential for all Precious Metals with Airgead Coin.


Opening The Value For All Precious Metals:


Platinum and Palladium coins

Initially once our Exchange goes live, the initial Precious Metals will be only Silver and Gold coins.

This will allow Airgead Coin to build its user base and market to allow Silver and Gold to find their true value as the basis of a currency, once adopted we can begin to incorporate Platinum and Palladium coins/bars into this currency so it’s overall value can be expanded.

In time different Precious Metals will be used, we will continue to add value to this currency as if it to be a worldwide currency then every country will have something to add to this value, apart from the debt they carry.


Generic/Semi/Numismatic coins/bars

Once all 4 precious metals begin to develop as a currency we can begin to price and value all precious metals as a currency. This will include all generic, semi and numismatic coins/bars.

This has always been the main problem of introducing a precious metal backed currency - how do you value one coin from another, with such a large amount of different precious metals it seemed impossible to find a real-time value for all precious metals coins/bars at once.

But within our exchange there is a way to value all Precious Metals coins and allow you to value both your time and wealth on a Precious Metals currency and not a paper based debt currency.


Generic Coins/Bars

The initial coins backed by Precious Metals will be generic silver and gold coins/bars. As with a new currency we will be careful to only include these precious metal coins/bars at the beginning to build up a market place to value these precious metals in real-time.

If we introduced all classes of precious metals coins at once we could not guarantee a stable fair value for so many different coins. For that reason we will slowly implement other precious metal coins into this currency.

Semi Numismatic

As our Precious Metals Currency and Exchange grows and becomes more widely used we will begin to include semi numismatic coins/bars. These semi numismatic coins/bars can be a favourite among collectors, allowing for an appreciation over a coin.

This would allow you to both allow you to appreciate the value over the value of what you hold, a currency that actually appreciates in value over goods and services.

Numismatic Coins/Bars

These are the rarest coins/bars held by collectors. These coins/bars are generally of such value they are generally relegated to auction houses to find their true value.

Our Exchange will provide a specialist section for these specific coins, one where the value is set by the market which you be used, and where it’s true value can be reflected in the market for everyone to value.


Accepting Private Precious Metals Holdings

Once our Exchange begins to trade all precious metals and coins, we will begin to accept personal precious metal holdings within our authorized storage facilities. Once your precious metals are in storage you will have added your personal wealth to a currency, this gives you the ability to add value to a currency.

By knowing that everyone has control over their own currency in a way will provide you with a future not only for yourself but for your children.


Create own be-spoke value coin

Now that you have added your own wealth to a currency, why not create your own coin.

Each coin can be designed with its creator in mind.

The benefits of creating your own Precious Metal coin, when done correctly, can even increase the overall value when you:

  • Combine a number of Precious Metal coins together.
  • Create sets of Coins.
  • Collections of simple "junk" silver coins.

Not only will you have control and be responsible for this Precious Metals currency but you will have say over the value of some of those coins.


Investing in a high valued Precious Metal coins

This is designed for the rare numismatic coins/bars.  Often times a coin can have such a rarity that its true price can only be determined by auction houses to get the best price.

For these coins we provide a number of ways to both invest and use these coins as a currency.

We allow a true certified numismatic coin to be split up into a number of different coins.

This has the benefits of:

  • Allowing the seller to sell part of his/her coin.
  • Allow the seller to sell the whole coin in a number of parts to maximize it’s value.
  • This allows buyers who would like to profit from the increasing value held over that coin.
  • Allow buyers to have a single Airgead Coin with a large value to use in exchange for the higher end goods or services in a single transaction.

Disclaimer: You would not be able to take physical possession of this numismatic coin until all Airgead Coins that are linked to that coin/bar are owned by a single owner.

Owning part of something valuable is just as important as owning the whole asset itself.





Helping Everyone Know The Value of Precious Metals

While our exchange provides you with real-values we at Airgead Coin believe this is not enough for everyone involved. It’s all well and good when you know the value of Precious Metals but what if you don’t know their true value.

That is why we will help everyone know the value of a currency backed by Precious Metals by making it as simple as possible to join it.


Authenticity of all coins

A substantial amount of coins/bars have been locked away, passed down through time, only for them to be lost or forgotten about.  Most do not realize the true value of some of the coins they have in drawers, buried or locked away. When they are sold they are usually sold for a fraction of their true worth.

Within cities, and throughout the world, we will introduce Coin Recognition Machines; these machines will be able to perform a number of functions to help those who don’t the true value of money.

Our machines will provide the owners of these precious metals a number of options:

  • Provide a full list of all coins.
  • Separate the precious metal coins from coins that have no precious metal content.
  • Provide you with an estimate value based on real-time prices from our Exchange.
  • Allow you the option to convert these coins to a Precious Metals Currency.
  • Indicate if any coins might have numismatic value.

If you have numismatic value in any coins, we can help you with these coins. This can increase the value of your precious metals coin and give you more value over your wealth.



Assist with Coin Grading Services

We can help assist coin holders who wish to have their precious metal coins valued. When it comes to coins from the past the grading can affect the value of a coin.

We aim to provide the maximum value when you create your own Precious Metal coin. For this reason we will provide a number of options in which you can have your coin graded.

The following is a list of professional coin grading services we will work closely with:

  • The Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS).
  • The Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC).
  • Independent Coin Graders (ICG).

We will not be affiliated with these grading service providers but we will work with them on your behalf.  If you have a coin that you believe has numismatic value, we will employ their services and report back to you. Once the graded coin is in storage, your own personal Physical Precious Metals coin can be added to your wealth.

How You Can Benefit Using Airgead Coin To Use This Service

Coin grading services are not always available in your country and the cost of sending the coin by post can be very costly and even more so just to receive the coin/bar back. We will have storage facilities that are in close proximity to these coin grading services for convenience.


Scrap Metals

Such a large amount of silver, gold and other precious metals exists in the form of scrap and broken items (cutlery, rings, bowls, chains etc.) all of which, while considered scrap, have the advantage of having buyers throughout the world.

Your only options of selling these precious metals are auctions sites, classified sites or scrap dealers but the selling price you receive is often times far below their real value that you should receive. Each of these options carry a lot of time and costs which can further diminish the value you would receive for these precious metals.

There are buyers for precious metals throughout the world and they are more than willing to purchase at a price that is reflected in the content that your precious metal holds.

We Provide a better Option for You:

We allow people to send their scrap metals that can be melted down and converted into a digital Precious Metals coin that can sold throughout the world with our exchange or use its value through your own personal Digital Precious Metals Wallet. Either way we allow you to get maximum value for these Precious Metals.

People throughout the world would happily pay you for these Precious Metals at a value determined by our exchange, we cut out every party and make it just between you and the buyer.




The beginning of a Precious Metals Currency throughout the World

The next step is to introduce ways to allow people to exchange their new debt free Currency for goods and services locally and throughout the world.



Auction sites - we are developing a number of auction based sites where your Precious Metals will be the unit of value that will be used to purchase goods.

We have a number of innovations that will be implemented with this system.


Classified sites - These will provide people who wish to exchange their goods or services for a Precious Metals currency as payment.


E-Commerce sites - online retailers are beginning to accept Bitcoins as a form of payment for goods, what they don’t tell you is that each of these bitcoins they accept are simply converted into a currency which they do accept. It’s too volatile to keep or to transact in smaller amount.

Your Precious Metals currency will be more stable, will provide instant values and will actual provide value for their goods that will grow over time.



Payment System that will work with your Precious Metals Currency

Payment system will be implemented to allow those who wish to trade throughout the world and to be provided with full protection over your Precious Metals.


Precious Metals Debit/Credit Card

Debit and Credit cards are a part of nearly everyone’s daily life. Your Precious Metals can at any time be sold under our Exchange and the amount can be converted into a currency that you choose.

This will be for retailers and other outlets that do not accept your Precious Metals Currency as payment.

You simply pay with your Airgead Credit Card ensuring the future of precious metals as a universal currency at places you don’t see “weacceptmoney” signs everywhere.


Payment Transfer System

Payment Transfer Systems are widely used as they provide security for both parties when paying for goods and services around the world.

Airgead Coin will implement this system and it will allow parties when they are exchanging their Precious Metals currency for goods and services to have the option to use our Payment Transfer System for protection.


Phone Transfer Wallet App

Our phone App Wallet will allow for a simple transfer of your Precious Metals currency from your primary wallet to your Wallet on your phone.

Mainly for your daily expenses and for the purchase of goods and services locally, you can place a certain amount you think you will need for the day or week, without carrying your whole contents on one wallet.

Differences between your primary and Phone wallet app:

  • Your Primary Wallet is designed to work within our Exchange, a number of our websites and for your payment systems.
  • Your Phone App Wallet) is designed to be used in your daily lives for expenses and to purchase goods and services.



Costs While Holding Your Precious Metals Within Airgead Coin


Simple Put There Are No Costs.



The Reasoning behind Airgead Coin’s decision to do it this way:

  • If you cancel out all the costs and restrictions, you lay the foundation for a Precious Metals Currency.


  • With our Digital Precious Metals Wallet and Exchange we can all create a Precious Metals Currency.


  • By providing ways in which everyone in the world can link and trade together freely with a Precious Metals Currency you lay the foundation for a Universal World-Wide Currency.


  • You are the key to unlocking a World-Wide Debt Free Currency.












Storage Of Your Precious Metals


First and foremost, the storage of precious metals we store are yours, each silver, gold, platinum and palladium coins/bars that are held in storage are 100% owned by the coin holder, all we do is take away all the old costs and controls associated with using your precious metals. Freeing their value for the first time.

We will not place one single precious metal coin/bar or will we create one digital coin within a storage facility that is controlled by a bank or a government. As the number of failed banks and governments around the world grows we feel it would be wise to store only at private secure facilities in countries with stable governments.

Airgead Coin decentralizes both costs and control while your precious metals are merged to an Airgead Coin, we will only store precious metals in countries that share the same values over costs and control.


Initial and Future Storage of Precious Metal Coins/Bars

Starting off, silver and gold coins/bars will be stored in private facilities in the Countries we have chosen as they value security and secrecy above all. Once the precious metals are in storage we will begin to sell precious metal backed Airgead Coin within our exchange.

We will then begin to incorporate Platinum and Palladium coins/bars and then include all other precious metal coins/bars will begin partnerships with precious metal dealers throughout the world in which you can purchase directly from them and have the option to merge your precious metals to an Airgead Coin. In time, we will include further options in which you can send in your precious metals to a private storage facility to create your own Airgead coin. This will ensure you have all options available to own Airgead Coins.


Will I ever have to pay storage and insurance fees?

  • Airgead Coin will cover the costs of storage and insurance fees through which all your precious metals will be stored.
  • Airgead Coin holders will never see a dilution of their assets through management fees.

This makes Airgead Coin stand above anything that has been done before, we know to place a fee or ad a costs while storing and holding precious metals only leads to a diminishing value of your precious metals year on year and will only discourage the use of purchasing and selling precious metals and destroy any real value as a medium of exchange.


When looking at storage:

When it comes to investments like gold, silver, and other precious metals, the need to store them in secure facilities is vital. We at Airgead coin will deal with only the best and most secure private storage facilities throughout the world. We ensure safety and full insurance for all precious metals in storage.


With storing precious metals, we are forced to look at all the risks involved.

Offshore Jurisdiction:

Assets will be stored in countries which show strong tendencies towards strict bank privacy. This reduces the risk of a governmental seizure of your precious metals during adverse conditions such as Executive order 6102, signed by FDR in the United States during the 30’s when the hoarding of gold was outlawed.

Social unrest:

Let’s assume a currency collapses, a bank run would ensue… the governments would normally ask banks to close. Your wealth would be protected by private secure facilities and you would be free to access your precious metals in physical form or to trade your Airgead Coin as you would in physical form but without any of the risks involved. E.g Unlike governmental controlled money that can be stopped or become worthless the value in your precious metals will always be exchangeable within Airgead Coin for any goods and services or as an exchangeable value for any other currency.

Secure Storage:

Our policy when dealing with precious metal storage facilities

  • Must provide full insurance for all precious metals held.
  • Testing facilities for use of authenticating precious metals.
  • Full independent auditing allowed to guarantee all precious metals held.
  • Provide segregation of precious metals for true numismatic coins, this will allow for easier access to your coins/bars if you take physical ownership.
  • An option for allowing Airgead Coin holders to collect precious metals held.
  • Allow for Precious Metal holders to send in their coins/bars to store and confirm with Airgead Coin.

Precious Metals Acquisition:

When dealing with bullion purchases we will also work with private storage facilities that arranges for precious metal purchases, they ensure the best prices along with the safety of transport into their facilities.

Countries That We Will Initially Work With

New Zealand

New Zealand provides the distance and security many bullion investors wish for.  It has one of the world’s most stable and sound banking systems. In addition, it is a democratic and politically stable nation, and determines its own foreign policy without any influence from other countries. New Zealand is becoming increasingly appealing to bullion investors, as no country is further away from the world’s troubles spots, and is considered a very safe option for storing precious metals.

They are a country that promotes wealth creation and have little interest in the rest of the world.

Cayman Islands

The Cayman Islands is an excellent jurisdiction for the storage of precious metals. Its proximity to the United States, Canada and Latin America, there are no import or export tariffs on precious metals coming to or leaving the country. Assets in storage are not reportable to any local or foreign government or tax authorities.

Cayman enjoys a modern legal and political system and has a long history of stability


Austria has a strong tradition of bank secrecy. In fact, the Austrian government has been busy fighting the European Union to maintain its strict bank secrecy. Austria is the one country left in the EU that still values bank secrecy and financial privacy.

The only concern with Austria is the current tax on the sales of silver, platinum and palladium. Only gold will be stored in Austria as a high tax will be placed on your precious metals if you take ownership in physical form.


Singapore is the free-trade capital for precious metals and has a solid reputation in terms of property rights protection and ease of doing business.

There is no tax for bullion whatsoever in Singapore. No GST/VAT/Sales tax and no capital gains tax. There are no domestic or international reporting requirements for buying, selling or storing gold in Singapore. No permits are necessary to import or export investment precious metals. The Singaporean government encourages bullion dealers and refineries to set up their business in Singapore with the objective of increasing Singapore’s share of the global gold market and other precious metals market we believe Singapore will be an ideal hub for storage for precious metals in Airgead Coin. Singapore has no jurisdictional ties to the US or any country in Europe.


Working with the Owners Needs In Mind:

We will coordinate with Airgead coin holders to store precious metal coins/bars as conveniently as possible especially if you wish to take physical ownership over your precious metal coins/bars. With storage facilities throughout the world we will be able to provide ease of access along with decentralized costs.

We will work with precious metal dealers in which you can purchase directly from them. We will also be working with storage facilities in which you can transfer your precious metals and have them merged into an Digital Precious Metal Coin.

In time we will be able to store any and all precious metal coin/bars in secure storage so you can use them under with Airgead Coin.

Airgead Coin TGE


Token Name: Airgead Token


Why Airgead Coin Is Launching a Token Sale?

We are inviting people an opportunity to own a part of Airgead Coin, in time.

We don’t exactly have banks, corporations or governments knocking on our door to help us, why would they. Our aim to give everyone direct control back over your own asset backed Currency and for everyone to be in control of their own wealth and be their own bank.

But we can only do this with your help, for that reason we are launching a token sale to generate the funds needed to provide this new Precious Metals Currency for everyone.


Benefits of Owning Airgead Token

While we have listed all the benefits of a Digital Precious Metals Currency for everyone, owning our Airgead Token rewards holders in very unique ways:

  • Most of the profits if any generated will be returned to Airgead Tokens holders in the form of Physical Precious Metals Coins/Bars.
  • First system that rewards owners with Precious Metals as Dividends.




Options Token Holders Have Once They Receive Their Precious Metals As Dividends

Once your Precious Metals are transferred into your Digital Wallet you will have a number of options:

  1. Hold onto your Precious Metals.
  2. Sell your Precious Metals on the Airgead Exchange.
  3. Use the value of your Precious Metals to purchase goods and services.
  4. Exchange the value for more Airgead Tokens, ensuring more Precious Metals as Dividends over time.


Tokens Required To Sell

Minimum required to sell is 8 million Airgead Tokens

Breakdown Of What The Tokens Sale Proceeds Will Be Used For:

  • 8-10 Million Tokens Sold: Will allow us at Airgead coin to develop the File Sharing System, the Digital Wallet and the Precious Metals Exchange.
  • 20 Million Tokens Sold: Will allow us to develop sites in which to trade your Precious Metals Currency as a unit of Currency.
  • 30 Million Tokens Sold: Will be used to develop a truly unique Blockchain and a Cryptocurrency enabling for faster and cheaper transactions through the Decentralized Blockchain Network.
  • 40 Million Tokens Sold: Will be used for advertising throughout the world, giving everyone the ability to choose a fairer system for themselves.
  • 50 Million Tokens Sold: The beginning of this Precious Metals Currency requires us at Airgead Coin to always add more Precious Metals to this Currency to stabilize the value while giving everyone the opportunity to be part of it.
  • 60-100 Million Tokens Sold: This is where we begin to purchase Physical Precious Metals Coins/Bars for the Token Holder’s, all Tokens Holders will be given an equal amount of Precious Metals Coins/Bars dependent on the amount of Airgead Tokens they hold. Giving the Token Holder’s the opportunity to be part at the beginning of a Real Currency.

Total Airgead Tokens For Sale

The total amount of Airgead Tokens on offer will be fixed at 100 million.

Token Name: Airgead Token

Symbol: AED